WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Department of Public Safety (DPS) at Catholic University said a man was arrested after being caught trespassing in Flather Hall, an all-female residence hall.

The man, who was reportedly a college-aged adult and not a Catholic University student, is now in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Charges against him are pending.

The university said that the man gained access into the residence hall by catching a door that was closing. Once inside, he tried opening several doors, but they were locked. He took an elevator to the fourth floor and went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the man was in a common area where female students change. A woman in the shower heard a commotion and saw the man. At the same time, a Residence Assistant saw him in the bathroom and made eye contact with him.

She chased after him while another student called DPS.

DPS apprehended him and contacted MPD to help with the arrest and investigation.

The university said no student was touched or harmed during the incident.

In light of the incident, DPS is increasing its patrols in and around residence halls, especially around Flather Hall where there will be a 24-hour security presence for the time being.

Anyone with information was encouraged to call DPS at (202) 319-5111.