WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Police made an arrest Monday in the murder of 10-year-old Arianna Davis, which took place on Mother’s Day.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested 19-year-old Koran Gregory of Southeast, D.C for the murder of 10-year-old Arianna Davis. He was charged with first-degree murder while armed.

Gregory was arraigned in court Tuesday afternoon. He is being held without bond and will have a second hearing on Sept. 28.

“Well, it’s good they found him. Sometimes they don’t find anyone,” said resident Jeff Harrison. “So that’s a good thing. If he’s the suspect then he’s innocent until proven guilty, I hope he’s the one that did it. So he’s out of this off the streets.”

Officers said Arianna Davis was riding home from a Mother’s Day celebration in a car along Hayes Street. She was caught in the crossfire of a shooting and hit by a stray bullet.

According to the affidavit, more than 50 rounds were fired in 15 seconds, and forensic technicians recovered over 60 rounds.

The affidavit also details the circumstances before, during and after the shooting. It cites ballistics evidence of shell casings that indicated casings found at the scene of the Mother’s Day homicide matched casings found at several other crimes in the District, including another homicide.

During a Sept. 18 search warrant of Gregory’s apartment, detectives found several guns – including at least two modified to turn from semi-automatic to fully-automatic – and at least one ghost gun.

Gregory’s social media posts also included photos of the same backpack seen on surveillance footage from the day of the Mother’s Day murder.

Police said the community came forward with key information and video evidence to help them catch Gregory.

Officers are also looking for another responsible suspect, who they believe also exchanged gunfire. 

“If you choose to turn to violence, our detectives will follow up on every lead and we will hold you accountable,” said Metropolitan Police Acting Chief Pamela Smith.

Police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information that can lead to an additional arrest.