WASHINGTON (DC News Now)—Tenants of a NOMA apartment complex are pushing back, after management made changes to how packages are being delivered.

Residents living at Flats 130 were notified Tuesday that packages will now be delivered through the third party service, Fetch. In an email, the complex said, “Starting today, 8/30/2022, please start sending all packages to the Fetch shipping address you receive upon registration. After 10/31/2022, all packages should go through the Fetch service.”

“It’s very frustrating that this whole process involves adding another link to the supply chain,” said Connor Hennessey, who lives in the complex. “They’re describing it as a value adding amenity. When really, it’s just another inconvenience.”

Fetch describes itself as a “worry-free” delivery service.

Packages are sent directly to a Fetch warehouse, in this case one in Alexandria. When the packages arrives, the tenant is notified and prompted to pick a time slot for Fetch to deliver the package to them. They can opt to have the package left at their door, or handed directly to them.

Hennessey said there are some safety concerns with this.

“There aren’t any security cameras in the hallway, so if they leave something outside your door… I live near the elevator, which is a high traffic area. There are just a lot of unanswered questions,” he said.

He also noted that some people have concerns about the delivery of certain medicines.

“Everything has to go to their warehouse in Virginia.  Virginia has a relatively conservative governor. I think a lot of women in the building, if you’re trying to get contraceptive, or PlanB, and you have to send it to Virginia, they might face issues just receiving that kind of medical care,” he explained.

Since the notice was sent out, residents started posting flyers around the building in protest of the change criticizing the decision. They also note that Fetch was given an ‘F’ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

In a statement, Bozzuto Management Company, which runs Flats 130, wrote:

 “We have rolled out Fetch on a trial basis through the end of the year, and we are requesting that residents provide feedback to the management team. This is a solution that we believe will provide a superior experience for our residents, as our teams work to manage an overwhelming number of packages on a daily basis.”

Meanwhile, Fetch said in a statement, “We understand it can be concerning when a new service is brought in that is unfamiliar. With every new Fetch community, we work to educate the onsite teams and residents on exactly how our services work.”

It continued, “Fetch takes tremendous pride in our service levels and are happy to share that in DC our customer satisfaction is at 99%. If we look at Flats 130 specifically, which just launched on 8/30/22, there are 164 users, 14 packages have been delivered and 100% on-time.”

But, one tenant disagrees.

Jose Romero used the service for the first time today. He said he had trouble finding a delivery time slot that fit with his work schedule. And, while trying to reach out to customer service it took more than 20 minutes to get in contact with a live person.

New resident Don Harris said he is a bit worried about the change.

“It is concerning to see the signs that say the organization has an ‘F’ from the BBB. I guess we have to see how the service goes first,” said Harris. “I’m hearing (packages) get returned to somewhere in Virginia, that’s concerning. Especially when you order things that cost a lot of money that are delivered in the mail. And in DC, naturally for those of us who may not drive, getting deliveries is important.”