WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — New details about what could be the arrest of former president Donald Trump. He is being investigated for allegedly paying “hush money” to women he had sexual encounters with over the years.

Trump has denied that the encounters happened. However, the former president took to his social media platform, claiming his arrest would likely happen this Tuesday, even though his legal team said the prosecution didn’t communicate that. He also said on his social media platform that “America must be saved” and called for his supporters to protest. Within hours of the message, his campaign was sending fundraising ads to his supporters.

While charges haven’t yet been announced, District Attorney Alvin Bragg is thought to be eyeing charges in the hush money investigation and recently offered Trump the chance to testify before the grand jury.

There has also been no public announcement of any time frame from the grand jury’s work on the case and one of Trump’s lawyers says his post was based on media reports.

Former President Trump would only be arrested if he refused to surrender and his lawyers have previously said that he would follow standard procedure and would likely agree to turn himself in at a New York Police station or directly to the District Attorney’s office.

But in the district, the Metropolitan Police Department said they’re going to monitor any potential situations and will plan accordingly with federal law enforcement partners.