WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Police arrested two people and are seeking a third in connection with a triple shooting in northwest DC that injured two men and a four-year-old boy, authorities said Tuesday.

The shooting happened Monday night in the 100 block of Kennedy Street NW, a diverse neighborhood where many parents walk in with their children.

Given the random violence, there is a palpable sense of fear gripping residents who fear retaliation if they speak out against it.

People all the way from the barbershop and daycare center on the block where last night’s shooting occurred to homes all around were afraid to speak on the record. They said the police can’t protect them.

Crime is not only happening at night but also during the day, residents said. Everyone in the area seemed to have a crime anecdote of what they’ve experienced or have heard about secondhand.

The area has experienced some gentrification with new building construction and businesses and that has perhaps led to people resisting the change.