WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — It’s been two weeks since a murder suspect escaped from D.C. police custody at George Washington University Hospital.

Federal and local law enforcement are still searching for 30-year-old Christopher Haynes.

When Haynes ran from the emergency room after assaulting officers, police say he had one shoe on and had a handcuff on his right wrist. In this surveillance footage, he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Police say they’ve received numerous reports of possible sightings in the last two weeks but no pictures or details on when or where he might’ve been seen since the day he got away.

D.C. police say the manhunt for Christopher Haynes is very active.

“We are receiving information every day and following up on that information,” said Assistant Chief Carlos Heraud of the MPD Investigative Services Bureau.

Haynes is accused of killing Brent Hayward, whose mother has been living in fear since his escape, and is even considering moving.

“I know if my son was afraid of him, then I certainly should be afraid of him,” said Hayward’s mother Sheila Jackson.

John Muffler, retired chief inspector of the U.S. Marshals Service, says Haynes is likely still in the area where he has resources.

“I believe he’s getting help and I believe if he’s not in the area, he certainly with friends and associates outside of the area,” Muffler said.

“Anybody that we identify that’s assisted him in aiding and abetting us, fleeing from the area or harboring him, any charges that we could put on them, we will because we know he’s not doing it on his own,” Heraud said on Monday.

Muffler says U.S. Marshals already know his associates from previous arrests.

“They’re already interviewing them and probably most likely looking at connectivity via phone and social media records of any kind of correspondence between them,” Muffler said.

He says Haynes should be considered dangerous, especially now that he’s desperate.

“How is he still out there? I just like people to think of him as a threat,” Jackson said.

Haynes is 6 feet tall, 205 pounds with a Washington Nationals tattoo on the front of his neck.

D.C. police say they’re dedicating resources to every tip they receive, but so far no further information has been provided to the public, leaving many on edge.

There are charges for harboring, aiding and abetting Haynes which could mean several years in jail for anyone caught helping.