WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The US Attorney’s Office said it could be dropping dozens of felony cases in the District.

It comes after the Metropolitan Police Department announced an Internal Affairs Investigation into several police officers. Seven officers are accused of confiscating illegal guns without making an arrest. The instances were discovered after investigators reviewed body-worn camera footage.

In a September 30 press conference, Police Chief Robert Contee said, “I’m disappointed. To have members who appear to do things that are not consistent with what we do, what we teach, that’s very disappointing to me.”

All of the cases were isolated to the 7th district.

“We have a responsibility to communities, of making the community safer,” said the Chief. “When we allow people, in some instances armed felons, to go on about their business and just recover the firearm, it’s only a short amount of time before they’re in possession of another firearm. And I’m sure of that,” Contee said at the time.

Tuesday, Bill Miller, spokesperson for the US Attorney’s Office said, “When our Office learned of the 7-D Crime Suppression Team investigation, we began a case-specific assessment of impacted pending cases.”

“In determining how to proceed with each case, we take a number of factors into consideration, including burden of proof, witness availability, likelihood of success on the merits at trial and the applicable law.  Our review is ongoing, but at this point we expect to dismiss dozens of gun and drug possession cases,” he continued.

The USAO declined to give specifics on how many cases could be affected.

The DC Police Union is criticizing the Office’s decision.

Chairman Gregg Pemberton said the USAO already reviewed body camera footage and decided to move forward with charges in these cases, meaning it saw no issues with the video and the arrests.

In a statement, Pemberton said, “This will undoubtedly cause more criminals to be released into the community and probably result in more violence. This decision is more likely a result of the USAO’s lack of desire to prosecute criminals than it is a reflection of any allegations against these officers.”

A spokesperson for MPD said it does not discuss specific elements of ongoing investigations.

“MPD’s Internal Affairs Division continues to actively investigate the circumstances and conduct of the 7D Crime Suppression Team,” said Deputy Director of Communications Paris Lewbel. “We continue to work with the US Attorney’s Office on this internal investigation.”