Note: The branch that the suspect used to serve it has been corrected. Police said that he previously served in the Coast Guard.

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — More details about Friday’s shooting in D.C.’s Van Ness neighborhood were revealed in a public safety press conference on Monday.

Mayor Muriel Bowser hosted the conference alongside Police Chief Robert Contee, who said that the shooter had been renting two apartments — the apartment in Van Ness, which he had been renting since January 2022, and another apartment in Fairfax County, Virginia, which he had been renting since 2021.

During their search, police found nine firearms and over 1,000 pieces of ammunition. The shooter used four long guns and two handguns in the incident. The Fairfax County apartment also had three firearms and more ammunition.

Contee stated that the shooter had gone to school at Wheaton High School and was a lifeguard in Montgomery County. He had served time in the Coast Guard but was discharged. Police did not provide a reason why he was discharged.

Police also found a photo of the shooter around midnight the night before the shooting wheeling a suitcase. He had a camera in his D.C. apartment where he could see who was walking within the building.

Officials said that the suspect had purchased all of his firearms legally and over a period of time. They are not sure how long the shooter had been planning this.

All four of the victims have survived, Contee said, but two are in critical condition.

Mayor Bowser also announced a new policing unit that would focus on violent crime. This is a collaboration between local and federal agencies to “remove illegal firearms from the community.”

“We cannot allow people to terrorize our communities with guns,” Bowser said in a release.

Police are working with the shooter’s family to learn more and urge anyone who may have interacted with the shooter to contact them.