WASHINGTON, D.C.–(DC News Now) Amazon and Metropolitan Police are teaming up to reduce thefts of packages delivered to people’s homes.

The Sixth District Headquarters on Hayes Street NE is where the online retailer set up a locker where customers can pick up their packages. Another locker sits at the substation on Pennsylvania SE.

“Customers tell us they may not always be home, that they want alternate options for package pick up,” said Amazon Spokesperson Emily Hawkins. “So the lockers can be found all around the Metropolitan area.”

Security.org estimates 49 million people around the country had a package stolen in 2021.

James Fields said his daughter has had packages from Amazon stolen that were placed outside her door.

“It makes me feel kind of mad because the stuff she ordered is for my granddaughter,” said Fields. “It kind of makes me feel kind of bad.”

Washington, D.C., said Amazon, is the first city in the country to have the lockers at police stations.

“I feel like it’d be more secured,” Fields said. “More safe and everything, I really do.”

Customers will be notified of the delivery to the police stations when they are not home, and use the Bluetooth devices on their cell phones to access the locker with their package.

Dion McClure says he shops on Amazon at least once a week. He’s never had a package stolen, but still likes the extra layer of security.

“It’s good that there’s a central location where people can drop their stuff off at,” McClure said. “It’s safer than just being on your door step.”

Amazon said it will install lockers at more police stations if these tests prove successful.