WASHINGTON (WDVM) — The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (W.M.A.T.A.) submitted the testing plan for getting the 7000 series railcars back in service, and the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (W.M.S.C.) announced the acceptance of the plans.

In a letter sent to W.M.S.C., the Chief Safety Officer outlined the inspection interval of testing for the railcars, as well as what the final inspection plans will look like.

The inspection process will take back-to-back measurements of the trains with independent oversight of the inspection. Additionally, there will be a process for securing non-conforming equipment.

The W.M.S.C. will continue to monitor W.M.A.T.A. as the 7000 series cars are checked, tested and put back in service.

The Metro will be testing the railcars for at least 12 days according to W.M.A.T.A.