WASHINGTON (DC News Now) – December 1, 2022 marks 67 years since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus, changing the course of history.

To honor her memory, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority brought out a bus model from 1957 that has been dedicated as the Rosa Parks Bus.

Community members at the Anacostia Metro Station stopped to see the bus and go inside. Many became emotional at the sight. On board, a woman said, “She did this for us,” while holding back tears.

Another Ward 8 resident, JoAnn Hamilton, said she heard about the bus on the news and immediately came over to see it. “This is so awesome,” Hamilton said.

“For her to say, ‘my feet just hurt, I really did not feel like giving it up,’ Something so simple, the way it shows you one person can make a change.” Seeing the old bus and dedication to Parks inspired Hamilton to continue fighting for change in today’s time.

She said,  “Our history, you know, if we don’t respect it, no one else will respect it. I’m just deeply moved. With the political climate, the way it is right now, don’t give up. We have come so far.”

WMATA is also reserving a seat on every bus in the fleet in honor of Rosa Parks.