WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Court paperwork filed by officers with the Metropolitan Police Department provided a lot of information about what seemed to lead a woman to open fire inside a hotel in Southwest on July 21.

The Metropolitan Police Department said Shanteari Weems shot her husband in a hotel room at Mandarin Oriental, located at 1330 Maryland Ave. SW, and had officers engaged in barricade situation after the shooting.

A statement of facts filed in Superior Court for the District of Columbia, Criminal Division by a police officer says that several officers went to the 8th floor of the hotel on July 21 after they received a call about a man being shot. Staff members told MPD they initially had a fire alarm in Room 853 go off. When they went to check on it, they opened the door of the room and saw blood on the wall.

Police arrived and identified themselves. The door was closed at that point, and the officers told the people inside the room to open it. The officer who provided the statement of facts said he and the others started talking to Weems through the door. They asked her to come out so the police could help the person who had been shot. At that point, the officer said Weems started saying things such as “I’m going to shoot myself” and “If you come in, I’m going to shoot myself.”

The officer said police asked Weems if someone in the room had been shot, to which she responded: “F–k him. He’s a child molester.”

Police heard Weems’ husband say he had been shot in the head and leg. The officer said Weems told her husband: “Shut the f–k up. I will kill you.”

Police went into the room about 30 minutes after they got to the hotel in order to get Weems’ husband help. The officer said Weems told them the gun was the purse she was holding and that there was another gun in the room but she didn’t know where it was.

The officer said Weems went on to say that she had been married to her husband for five years and that they lived in Baltimore. Weems said accusations recently had been made that her husband had inappropriate contact with children at the day care which she runs and that she reported those allegations to police in Baltimore. The officer said Weems said she didn’t want to kill her husband, only hurt him. The officer wrote in his statement that Weems said she wanted to kill herself.

A supplemental document filed in Superior Court provides more details about how Weems came to Washington and mentions the existence of a notebook in which she supposedly outlined some of her intentions and provided her thoughts. The officer who provided that supplemental document said that she indicated that she did not plan to kill her husband. Instead, she wanted him to survive so that he could “face the world as scum” and “get beat up in jail.”

The officer said the “letter” in the notebook ended with Weems outlining what she wanted to do with her belongings in an “informal last will and testament.”

As far as Weems’ statements to MPD officers concerning accusations made against her husband by children at her day care, the Baltimore County Police Department provided this statement to DC News Now:

Baltimore County detectives are currently monitoring the recent developments in Washington D.C. Due to the sensitive circumstances leading up to this incident, the Baltimore County Police Department continues to support the families impacted. As this investigation moves forward, the daycare facility located in Owings Mills remains closed.

Weems was supposed to appear in court Monday, but the proceeding was continued.