WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — A woman was walking her dog when she was attacked by two men at gunpoint in Northeast, D.C. Saturday night – her dog was stolen and she suffered multiple injuries.

Zaleena Ahmed said she was walking her dog near the Fort Totten Metro Station at around 10 p.m. when she was attacked. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said she was approached by a suspect who pointed a gun at her and demanded her dog.

She said she tried to fight back, but one of the men hit her in the head with a gun while the other grabbed the dog from her arms. The two men jumped into a black minivan and took off. One of Ahmed’s friends said the minivan was missing a handle on the driver’s side door.

Her dog, Max, is 14 years old and about 25 pounds. In an Instagram post, Ahmed said he’s a senior Westie and requires “special care.”

Ahmed said Max goes everywhere with her ​and that they’ve been through a lot together.

“We were all in a fatal car accident where I lost my mom. Max and my mom were in the back seat,” Ahmed said. “He’s literally like the last person that was with her prior to the accident.”

She said Max got away as police investigated the crash back in 2018, and they couldn’t immediately find him. Through the power of social media and good samaritans, Max returned home safe.

“When we got reunited, it was just like, I couldn’t even describe it. Ever since then, I keep him really close to me,” Ahmed said. “It kind of helps me when I’m missing my mom.”

(Courtesy of Emily Gilliland)

In an email to DC News Now, one of Ahmed’s friends said there is a reward for Max’s safe return.

“Something in their heart will find some compassion and have them return him to me. I don’t think that they’re bad people, maybe just in a bad situation and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. I just really want my dog back,” Ahmed said.

Police have been notified about the attack and there is a pending assault charge – MPD said it will release more information when it’s available.