WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — According to court documents, the woman charged in the crash on Rock Creek Parkway in March that killed three men was drinking before the crash took place.

Nakita Marie Walker, 43, of Washington D.C, is charged with murder in the wreck. Mohamed Kamar, 42, of Burtonsville, Md., Jonathan Cabrera Mendez, 23, of Arlington, Va., and Olvin Torres Velasquez, 22, of Arlington, Va. died in the crash.

Court document said that on March 14, the night before the deadly crash, Walker and a man who was in a Lexus she was driving went to the IPIC, a dine-in movie theatre in Bethesda, Md., around 10 p.m. According to the man’s statements, they drank alcohol while they were there. The two then left the movie theatre at about 12 a.m. on March 15 and made a stop at a liquor store, where they purchased alcohol and then went to a gas station.

After leaving the gas station, Walker then headed to her home in the 4500 block of Connecticut Ave. NW in D.C. The man said that during the drive, he was drinking in the car, but Walker was not.

At about 1:30 a.m., a U.S. Park Police officer stopped Walker after she failed to stop at a traffic light.

When the officer approached the car, he noticed a red Solo cup that seemed to contain alcohol. He then asked Walker and the man to provide their identifications. That’s when the officer saw dispensary-packaged marijuana.

Walker took off from the traffic stop at high speed. The officer did not pursue the car. Less than 10 minutes later, police said the wreck took place on Rock Creek Parkway that killed the three men.

The United States Park Police (USPP) said Walker faces the charge of Second Degree Murder.