WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — On Saturday generous donors along with members of DC News Now got in the holiday spirit as they dropped off coats for those in need across the DMV area.

“We all need a hand up, not a handout, so it’s not about who’s more in need or who’s less. It’s about we are our brothers and our sisters keeper. Tis the season,” said WPGC Host Poet Taylor.

Every year members of WPGC 95.5 and the salvation army stand at the corner of Rhode Island Avenue collecting coats for those in need. This is their 25th year.

“Of course on a holiday season you never know what anyone is going through. You definitely want to make sure you’re always available to give back and do anything to support the community that supports you,” said Ayanna Wilson, and Jamie Hall, managers for rapper FlexKartel.

“I want them to feel like people recognize that they’re still people and that help is real,” said donor Polo.

On average the coat drive collects nearly 1,000 coats every year as the demand for coats grows each year.

“So they start calling from the month of november and december. They say hey when do you start giving. So basically when we receive [these coats] we’re going to take it to the dry cleaner and they’re going to be cleaned and in january the first week we’re going to distribute in the dmv area,” said Major Srikant Bhatnagar with The Salvation Army.

Some people donated one jacket and others decided gave more, all in hopes to keep of keeping someone warm this winter.

“Now somebody’s walking around. They’ve gotten a gift of warmth and they’re seen and imagine feeling like wow, I did all the things somebody could have did today. They stopped to take a moment to give to somebody that maybe never meet that we’ll never be able to say thank you, you know how that makes the recipient feel,” said Taylor.