BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVNS) — A family spoke out for the first time after they lost almost everything in a house fire.

Michelle Hale and Cheryl Arnold Hale hope to recover after a fire displaced them and their children.

Cheryl detailed when they saw the flames coming through the back of the house.

“We rushed around the house, it actually started in the back of the house where we couldn’t see it, and then when it got fully engulfed that’s when everybody could see it,” said Cheryl.

Fortunately, the family was outside on the lawn when the fire happened. They also have pets who made it out safely. Touring through their house, the destruction from the smoke, fire, and water damage was visible. The toys their children once had, were either burned or covered with soot.

They still cannot believe this happened to their family.

“It’s still hard. You know, when I see the kids’ stuff destroyed. You think of the smiles and how happy they were when they got their stuff,” said Cheryl.

They said the unconditional love and support from their community is unmatched. Hale said she received messages and help from people all over the community and even out of state from Tennessee.

They currently have a GoFundMe account to help with the costs started by a family friend.

The family is now in the process of healing and both mothers are helping their children find ways to cope with this horrible situation.

“Our eight-year-old came into the dining room this morning and he said mom I thought our house was catching on fire again because I dreamed about it. So, we will be looking at getting each of them trauma-based therapy because I know they’ve been traumatized by this,” said Michelle.

Community members also helped pay for the prom attire for their oldest son at Bluefield High School.