FALLING WATERS, W.Va. (DC News Now) — In West Virginia’s fastest growing region, the Berkeley County Meals on Wheels program is “going local.”

Last year’s Berkeley County Meals on Wheels delivered more than 50,000 meals.

“Many of them are veterans,” said Dianne Waldron with Meals on Wheels. “Many are in their 80’s or 90’s. They live alone or are isolated.

This service is vital for delivering the social services the clients need.

“We get product to our clients that has nutritional value so desperately needed,” said Linda Barnhart with Meals on Wheels. “They are homebound and may not have the ability to get to the grocery store or have fresh produce at their table.”

Now, Meals on Wheels is “buying local.” It has partnered with local farms and local growers, a boost to the economy and a better, fresher product for those who get their meals delivered.

“They get fresher produce, local produce, and it won’t have to be canned,” said Carla Kitchen with Kitchen’s Family Orchard. “Everything will be fresh and they can have fresh peaches, fresh tomatoes and lettuce — everything.”

It is more than just the nutritious food delivered. It is an important social connection to those in rural isolation.

“Just to look forward to meeting these drivers every day,” said Waldron. “They become friends. They trust one another.”

The farm-to-table project is funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promote “buying local” and delivering a more nutritious product to seniors and the homebound.