MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (DC News Now) — Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan Harmon is facing a new set of charges emanating from a state police investigation into a January car wreck involving his daughter.

As a result there are calls for his resignation.

The sheriff has been indicted on four counts of interfering with the inquiry of his daughter driving and crashing into a fence on Cemetery Road after leaving a bar.

The county’s prosecutor, Catie Wilkes-Delligatti, is calling for a three-judge panel named by the state’s Supreme Court to remove Harmon from office altogether, saying he is coercing subordinates about cooperating with the investigation.

Local allies of the sheriff serving in the state legislature are calling for patience in the matter.

“I’m afraid now, what’s going on,” said Del. Larry D. Kump, (R-Berkeley County). “Folks have only heard the prosecution side of the issue and that’s not fair, not only to the sheriff but to the citizens of Berkeley County.”

The sheriff declined to speak to speak with DC News Now.

He also faces allegations that he steered business to a training facility in which he holds a financial interest in and that he drove a county vehicle to a side job, a violation of county rules.

Meanwhile, the Berkeley County Commission has passed a resolution calling for the sheriff to step aside.

“I would caution folks on all sides of the issue to be careful,” Kump said. “Let him tell his side of the story before any judgments are made.”

Wilkes-Delligatti said Harmon “breached the public’s trust” and “abused his position of power.”

Appointment of the three-judge panel by the Supreme Court is expected to be made by next month.