BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. (WDVM) — The eastern panhandle town of Berkeley Springs has been designated one of the top ten best historic towns in all of America.

USA TODAY sponsored the competition, limiting the selection to historic towns of less than 35,000 in population. Berkeley Springs, where George Washington and Lord Fairfax would retreat to relax in the town springs’ mineral baths, is especially popular among visitors from the Baltimore-Washington area. And the head of the Berkeley Springs History Museum says that inns and rustic lodging complement the historic and cultural attractions.

“We were probably the smallest, literally the smallest town on their list. but it was very exciting,” says Jeanne Mozier. “They had a group of experts and we’re in the company of Williamsburg, Virginia and St. Augustine, Florida.”

Experts that included reknowned food and travel writers who have appeared in leading travel magazines – even National Geographic — written travel guides for exotic wordlwide destinations and have produced travel documentaries.

Mozier says the honor will help the town with branding to attract visitors.

“Right outside the museum door, you can be soaking in the same waters George Washington did,” Mozier exclaims.

And in a town popular with families of all ages, kindergarten-age Asher Crawford, visiting with his parents and younger brother from Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, got a thrill out of sharing history with the nation’s first president.

Asked about his visit to Berkeley Springs with his parents and younger brother, the young Crawford exclaims, “we sat in George Washington’s bathtub!”

And this year marks the bicentennial of Morgan County, West Virginia where Berkeley Springs is the county seat.