Charles Town Mayor, Scott Rogers, announced he plans to resign from the position at the end of June and cited the Rockwool controversy as being a reason why he was stepping down.
He posted on Facebook earlier:
“I am announcing to you via this message that I intend to resign as Mayor of Charles Town in June of this year. I have placed this item on next week’s agenda to give council time to prepare.
As many of you know this Rockwool controversy deeply upset my wife Paula. She asked me to resign several months ago due to online threats against anti-Rockwool supporters, however, I asked for more time to get things done, and she graciously gave me that time.
She was recently offered and has accepted a position out of state and now it is my turn to support her career as she has supported me during my time as a community volunteer and Mayor.
It has been an immense honor and privilege to serve as Mayor. Charles Town has made some immense gains over the past two years and I will continue to cheer her success.” 
According to the town clerk, the council will select the next mayor to serve the remainder of Scott’s term, which goes until 2021.
The clerk also added that it won’t be on the ballot for May 23rd election because the ballots have already been ordered.
WDVM made several attempts to contact Rogers and the council, but did not hear back.