MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — It isn’t every day there’s an entire community that is of one mind or one thought with an opinion of someone. However, that is the case with Michael T. Myers.

Whether you knew him as a minister, a magician, a friend, a community leader, or any of the other roles he played in the community, Michael T. Myers excelled in what he did. He was also a TV and radio personality and whatever Michael T. did, he did well.

He passed away suddenly earlier this week, and the communities of Martinsburg and Berkeley County in West Virginia are all mourning his loss.

Chris Strovel is a Martinsburg resident and a friend of Michael T. The two built a relationship after working together at WEPM, where Michael T. would occasionally visit as a guest. Strovel had nothing but kind words about his friend.

“Everything he did, he was just relentlessly positive, relentlessly energetic,” Strovel said. “He was just always doing things for people other than himself and he just celebrated the community every day.”

Michael T. officiated Strovel’s wedding to his wife who, before meeting Michael, was not open to the idea of having magic performed during the ceremony. After meeting with him to plan the ceremony, Strovel said his wife was “just so taken by his earnestness and his eagerness” and Michael’s unveiling of doves at their ceremony turned out to be a nice addition to their vows.

Michael T. also had a television show on both Fox 60 and WDVM, formerly WHAG. He also served as an auctioneer and later became an author of children’s books.

“So for the people that were kids 30 years ago that remember him for things he might have done on what was then WHAG, kids who were five and six years old now know who he is too. So he’s going to have a lasting legacy,” Strovel said.

WDVM sends condolences to his family and the Berkeley County community.