MARTINSBURG, W.Va, (WDVM) — These are very uncertain times in the Nation’s Capital, with so much turmoil in the economy and abroad. One member of the West Virginia congressional delegation was in Martinsburg as the week draws to a close.

There’s inflation, affordable energy and Putin. Where do we sort it all out?

West Virginia Congressman David McKinley is running in a redrawn congressional district — it now includes the entire eastern panhandle as well as Morgantown in the northern panhandle. McKinley is in the thick of some major world issues in the U.S. House of Representatives — for example, stopping Russia’s invasion.

“If you shut off Putin’s financial stream, selling oil and gas to the west, it may very well have an impact on how he can sustain his war effort in Ukraine,” said McKinley.

McKinley was a guest at the Martinsburg Rotary luncheon on his commute back from Washington. Opening U.S. energy reserves, he says, is an immediate priority.

“Open up those pipelines that got shut down,” McKinley said. “Stop them from regulating. Roll some of them back.”

Congressman McKinley took some time to meet with Morgan County officials about some of their critical infrastructure needs. He is impatient about how long it takes the federal government to come to the rescue.

“The flood relief dams, the soil conservation that have desperately needed help,” said McKinley.

McKinley will be back on Capitol Hill soon as the economy, gas prices and the crisis overseas are at the fore. And Congressman McKinley is running in a redrawn congressional district.