HAMPSHIRE COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — Almost 23 years since a Hampshire County, West Virginia girl went missing, Lisa Crouse’s family continues to search for answers.

Her family says she was supposed to spend Halloween night with her family, but sometime between October 31st and November 4th, 1997, she vanished. Lisa’s family says she has been missing from the Romney, Springfield, West Virginia area.

“I figured somebody done something to her,” said Evelina Crouse, Lisa’s mother.

Lisa’s niece, Rebecca Amrhine, says Lisa attended Paw Paw High School, and worked at Zero Pak, a packaging and cold storage factory in Winchester, Virginia.

Both Rebecca and Evelina believe Lisa’s ex-boyfriend may have something to do with her disappearance.

“We were told that the only area that was searched was the area around which was the boyfriend’s house, David Holsomback and in the wooded area behind his house,” said Amrhine.

And that the moments before she was reported missing, Lisa is said to have reached out to a neighbor asking for help after a disagreement with her then-boyfriend.

The family says they were told that the only evidence in the case was Lisa’s hiking boot and a hair feather with her blood on it.

They are critical of the police for how this specific case was handled, and what they were told by authorities about Lisa’s body.

Evelina said, “Ain’t this a poor thing to tell parents? You don’t have enough evidence, you don’t know exactly where it’s at, but it’s in West Virginia, and how they can say all of that?”

Romney State Police Barrack is the lead investigating agency. We were told we weren’t able to get a copy of the report due to it being an open case.

Lisa’s father has since passed away. Her loved ones pleading with anyone who knows information about her whereabouts to please contact the police.

“I feel like she’s just yelling for my help to get her out of there,” said Amrhine. “I’m not stopping until I get answers.”

Both Lisa’s mother and niece say they’re waiting to give her a proper burial service and lay her young soul to rest.

Amrhine has set up a Facebook page here. If you have any information about what may have happened to Lisa, please contact Romney State Police Barrack in West Virginia at 304-822-3562.