PETERSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — The film “Overdosed: The Real Story Behind America’s Opioid Epidemic” brings light to a situation often left in the dark.

The movie follows a young woman and former drug dealer in Petersburg, West Virginia, and tells the story of the medical origins of the opioid crisis. The film is even being used in recovery programs throughout the state to teach about the realities of addiction and ethical ways to handle it.

Filmmaker Mary Sue Connolly held a discussion for fans of the film on Thursday and spoke on what inspired her to create it.

“Everybody needs to know what happens in this community and in communities across the United States, but especially West Virginia,” said Connolly. “And I don’t want anybody to be like me, sitting in New York, or California, wherever you are, and not know what’s happening in this part of the world.”

The film is not currently available for streaming, but Connolly hinted that may soon change.