MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — An Annapolis U.S. Navy engineer pled guilty this afternoon to federal espionage charges, Jonathan Toebbe was arrested in October.

Toebbe has agreed to serve at least 151 to 210 months behind bars to sell U.S. Navy submarine propulsion intelligence to what he thought was a foreign agent who was working for the FBI. Toebbe was a nuclear engineer based at U.S. Navy yard in Washington.

He smuggled classified documents out over an extended time, making four dead drops of the intelligence. Once in Virginia, once in Pennsylvania and twice in Jefferson county West Virginia where he and his wife Dianna were arrested in October.

The FBI has video surveillance of the dead drops. So he wrapped a computer memory card. An SD card the size of a nickel in a peanut butter sandwich.

Today’s hearing was before U.S. Magistrate and U.S. District Judge Gina Grough must now hear Toebbe’s plea deal. We do not yet have a date for that hearing.

Meanwhile, Dianna Toebbe remains behind bars awaiting trial. She has been denied bail.