SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. (DC NEWS NOW) — A new law in West Virginia will allow students to bring firearms to college campuses.

“People have a right to be able to carry if they choose to do so,” said Governor Jim Justice at a bill signing ceremony in the state capitol, Charleston, this morning. “We just hope and pray there’s never a problem.”

And with that, anyone with a concealed carry permit may have a firearm on campus. There are some restrictions about storage and just where on campus you may or may not have your gun. But the reaction in this college town?

“I think it’s great,” said Liz Orr of Jefferson County. “I think with things on campuses now and with security everybody should be able to do that, to have a concealed carry. I personally have one. I think most people should.”

“I am all for it. I think that if college students are old enough to vote and drink they should be old enough to be able to carry firearms. They can take classes to make them more responsible,” said Shannon Spence from nearby Ranson.

But not everyone in Shepherdstown was on board with that. Emily Vaughn is a Shepherdstown business owner and says “It is really scary. It makes me worry about the future of this state, and the future of higher education here. It won’t make me feel safer. Accidents happen. It seems like we’re planning for an OK corral shootout on campus.”

As for risks from partying and drinking, so much a part of campus life?

“If you are going to be consuming alcohol,” said Stephen Hendrickson, a former police officer, “Do not carry your firearm. It’s that simple.”

The National Rifle Association was on hand for the governor’s bill signing. West Virginia is one of 11 states to sign a concealed carry campus bill. The state House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed the bill before sending it to the governor’s desk for his signature.