MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (DC News Now) — A Berkeley County jury has returned a guilty verdict in a 7-year-old double homicide investigation.

Derrick Wayne Wells, 34, has been convicted for the fatal shootings in a drug transaction off Route 45.

The victims were identified as Ahmid Hafley and Alkidir Sutton.

County prosecutor Catie Wilkes Delligatti worked with the local sheriff, city police and the FBI, which used cell phone tracking data to place Wells at the murder scene.

“The FBI’s cellular analysis survey team [was able] to run cell phone records relating to the defendant’s whereabouts at the same time of the murder and were able to provide testimony from that agent showing that the defendant did go a pick up the victim,” Delligatti said.

Wells will be sentenced in December by Judge Michael Lorensen with a possibility of life in prison.