WEST VIRGINIA (DC News Now) — The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) said that it finished analyzing samples of last week’s mystery dust.

People who live in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle and parts of western Maryland found cars and other items coated in the dust from Thursday night into Friday. Social media was flooded with pictures and the question — what is it?

(Sherry Morris Miller)

On Monday, the testing results of dust samples that were collected came back.

The “mysterious” dust was — drum roll please — mostly “pollen, with trace amounts of mineral matter,” according to WVDEP.

If you thought you may have had a reaction such as a stuffy nose or sneezing from the dust, coping with it should be manageable.

“Take your regular allergy medicines,” said Kris Knott, owner of Shepherdstown Pharmacy. “If your symptoms are more severe, perhaps consult your doctor. A nasal or saline spray may help.”

Knott said that anyone who was exposed shouldn’t have to follow any special steps.

“If this was a more long-term issue then, yes, we might need to make some adjustments in treatment,” said Knott. “But for this one-time occurrence, I don’t see it being an issue.”

What if a similar situation happens again?

“Just be aware of what you are allergic to,” Knott says. “Have the things on hand you will need if you are allergic.”

West Virginia University’s Department of Geology and Geography and the Shared Research Facility analyzed the samples.

Randy Lilly with the Berkeley County Office of Emergency Management said last week that there were no reports of sickness or illness or emergency response calls.