BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVNS) — For many, finding ample supplies of ammunition seems more like a wild goose chase.

Just one bullet point on the long list of complications created by the pandemic, ammunition became scarce once the first shutdowns began.

“It started at the beginning of COVID and it has just never let up when you tell somebody that something is hard to get then when they find it, instead of buying one box they buy three boxes and it is just a snowball ripple effect,” said Michael Crook, the owner, and operator of Cardinal Pawnbrokers and Sporting Goods in Beckley.

Crook likened the situation to when people flood the grocery stores for milk and bread when snow pops up in the forecast.

Ronnie Wood is the president and owner of Flat Top Arms Inc. He saw firsthand how the scarcity of ammunition became commonplace over the last two years. Wood reenacted the daily conversation to acquire as much ammo as possible as he combed through requests that have been on backorder for just as long.

“The distributors and distributorship, they are familiar with the need in the industry they are dealing with it every day too so when they call if they have a box of 3030 shells even one box they’ll say hey I got a box of shells do you want it and ill say sure ill take it,” said Wood.

Both Wood and Crook said while things picked up in November of last year, hunting rounds were even harder to come by. Additionally, they agree the increased demand combined with the supply chain shortages create a perfect storm.

“You know it is just multifaceted you know there are so many layers, there are the big stores that buy direct then you have buying groups then you have distributors which is the way I buy. there are just so many different avenues,” said Crook.

Wood said in recent weeks he has even seen an influx of people looking to buy firearms and ammunition as their concerns grow over the conflict overseas.

“I have dealt with customers personally myself who stated that because of the invasion and at one point it was even the imminent invasion prior to, they thought they better get some firearm in this case and some additional ammunition,” said Wood.

After speaking with representatives from the major manufacturers, Wood is hopeful things are starting to get back on track.