BEVERLY, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Randolph County Commission hosted a town hall meeting to discuss Amendment 2, which is a property modernization amendment that will be on West Virginia voters’ ballots this November.

Amendment 2 proposes taking 27% of personal property taxes and giving the state legislature control over those funds. This amendment would give the state legislature the power to provide personal property exemptions for equipment and inventory directly used for business. In the meeting, the commission discussed how passage could financially impact the county, schools and first responders. If passed, Randolph County officials estimate they could approximately lose more than $3 million in tax revenue.

“Aside from county government, all the things that they fund here service-wise, your fire, your EMS, Police, little leagues, whatever discretionary funding the county commission provides the county may go away. And so now, everybody is going to have to go to Charleston to get those funds ” Jonathan Adler, Executive Director of the West Virginia Association of County Officials.

Adler said there is no agreed to plan at the legislature at this time to make up for the potential loss of revenue counties may face. He did state that the Senate has a plan but both sides do not agree and that will have to be something that would be worked out after the fact.

“When you’re taking the power from the county commission and giving it to the state, we don’t have much to work with then. We can’t make the decisions and decide how to do things. We only have a few things we can work with and unless they okay it to allow us to do a 1% sales tax increase for our county, we don’t have any other choice than to put it on the property owners, and we don’t want to do that. We haven’t raised taxes in probably close to 20 years in this county,” said Chris Siler, Randolph County Commissioner.

The 2022 General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8.