The Jefferson County Board of Education launched an investigation into what the board is calling alleged racism at two local schools. 

This is after Jefferson High School student Cameron Henderson brought into attention a post on Snapchat that read,  “N-word passes.” These “N-word passes” initially started at Washington High School by a student, according to the school district. Superintendent Bondy Shay Gibson says they have since been disciplined. 

Henderson says he noticed the post Friday night on social media, it was also on Instagram.

“I’m ashamed of it. I don’t want to be a part of it,” said Henderson. 

The Jefferson County Board of Education says they learned about the incident the day after and immediately launched an investigation, identifying those involved. Superintendent Gibson says she wasn’t made aware of the incident until Wednesday.

“I can’t tell you exactly what happened to them. I can tell you that we have a progressive discipline policy and we follow it,” said Gibson. “We also have a racial harassment policy that we follow.” 

President of the Jefferson County NAACP, George Rutherford, says encouraging the young generation to speak up is important.  

“Our concern is the publicity because of the atmosphere in the country right now,” he said. 

Cameron says he would like the school to educate his peers on the power of hateful words.

“I’ve been called the N-word,” said Henderson. 

Jefferson County School District says they have a few plans in place to tackle this issue head-on. 

Superintendent Gibson says she hopes this incident becomes a teaching moment for all students. 

The investigation into the incident was completed as of Wednesday.