HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — The jewel city is ramping up preparations for a historic landmark celebration.

“Well I think if this year’s taught us anything, you need to celebrate the milestones that you get.”

Kathy Cosco, Planning Committee Member

Kathy Cosco, along with a committee of 20 other community members, is on a mission to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime milestone for Huntington.

Kaylin Staten, an event coordinator for the celebration, says this will anniversary is extra special.

“We are actually really excited to unveil the city of Huntington’s 150th anniversary. Of course, we haven’t had one for 50 years, so just being able to celebrate our past, present, and future, and just celebrate Huntington’s resilience and strength and all of the positive stories in Huntington is just really exciting.” 

Kaylin Staten, Event Coordinator

It’s shaping up to be one for the books.

“We’re gonna start off with a signature event in February to mark the 150th anniversary, and then kind of bookend it on the other end of the year in October to celebrate Collis P. Huntington’s 200th anniversary of his birthday,” Cosco said.

Throughout the year between those events will be a variety of public events to help with the celebration.

They’re not only for current Huntington residents, either. Anyone who has ever lived within the city or has ties to it is invited to come back and celebrate.

“Our theme is ‘Huntington is always home,’ and that’s something that we want to encourage people who maybe live 300 miles away or 500 miles away, that they’re invited to be a part of this because their roots and their history are a part of our history.” 

Kathy Cosco, Planning Committee Member

Finally, there are also plans in the works to create a 21st century time capsule; social-media style.

“We will actually ask people who live and work in Huntington, and again with ties to Huntington, to submit stories for the time capsule, and also just for social media and other efforts…videos just from your iPhone and things like that that are really easy for people to do and submit,” Staten said.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this growing extravaganza, either in submitting a story or if you are a business looking to participate, visit this website.

“Huntington is rich in history. It’s good to take a moment and look back on your history and where you were, and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Because where you are today is not where you’re going to be 150 years from now! So, taking a moment and thinking about where you’ve been and using that to shape your ideas of where you’re going is, I think, important; whether you’re an individual, as a business, or as a community.”

Kathy Cosco, Planning Committee Member