BERKELY SPRINGS, W.Va. (WDVM) — As the Berkeley Springs community mourns the loss of 15-year-old Riley Crossman, Morgan County court made progress in the case.

Berkeley County Magistrate Richard Stephens found probable cause against 41-year-old Andrew McCauley Jr., the boyfriend of Crossman’s mother. Andrew McCauley, Jr., 41, is charged with the murder of the Berkeley Springs teen.

In court, Prosecuting Attorney Dan James presented the first pieces of evidence against the suspect including various street camera pictures, cell phone records and eyewitnesses that placed McCauley’s truck at several locations throughout the morning of May 8, contradicting what he told police.

“Andy McCauley was adamant that he had nothing to do with this, you heard his testimony that he drove on Route 9 and Route 9 only, thankfully with the involvement of the sheriff’s department, state police, FBI, we panned out and was able to show that he wasn’t being truthful,” said James.

“We found that one video camera that put us down in Southern Berkeley County. That and finding her body the following day was an act of God, and from there we were able to look into other neighborhoods in close proximity to her body, we see him drive right to where her body was and leave 19 minutes later so I believe it’s a strong case.”

Riley was last seen at her home on May 7, and her decomposed body was found a week later on May 16 positioned over an embankment in a Berkeley County rural mountain road. According to James, autopsy results of Riley’s body will take a couple months.

“It’s not going to provide any relief for the family but it’ll provide a better idea of what happened to Riley in the late night hours of May 7th and early hours of May 8th.” said James. “Closure is something the family will never have but they’ll get a better understanding.”

McCauley’s trial will be set for a later date.