KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WOWK) — The Kanawha County Humane Association (KCHA) is working hard to ensure all West Virginia dogs are getting exercise and socialization with other dogs.

On Wednesday, KCHA visited New River Humane Society in Fayette County, West Virginia, to introduce dog playgroups. This is the third shelter KCHA has visited as part of their effort to incorporate playgroups across all Mountain State animal shelters.

KCHA said playgroups can positively impact a dog’s stay at an animal shelter.

“Just 30 minutes of group time helps decrease their stress, provide exercise, allow socialization, and show true insight on a dog’s personality!” KCHA posted on Facebook. “It’s also TONS of fun seeing the dogs zoom, play, and experience so much joy.”

In KCHA’s Facebook post, the shelter asked what other West Virginia shelters and interested in and need help starting a playgroup program. KCHA said they would love to connect with those interested shelters.