JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — A man has been accused of keeping a vicious animal after a German Shepherd attack in which a woman was bitten inside the dog’s residence.

Timothy Foltz is charged with having a vicious dog at his home on Hardesty Road.

Jefferson County Animal Control said it’s the fourth reported case involving the black and white German Shepherd named “Tucker.”

Animal control officers say the woman, a friend of Foltz’, was bitten on her face, lip and arm.

In a criminal complaint, Foltz’ says the female victim and her husband “had shown up unannounced and that she had been playing with the dog.” Foltz also states in the complaint saying it was the victim’s fault. “The dog had bit her because the dog had a sore foot from a thorn and she had grabbed it, causing the dog to attack her.”

“The bite was reported to us by the victim when she went to get medical care,” said Animal Control Officer Jess Ebersole.

The woman is recovering from her injuries. The dog was seized by Jefferson County Animal Control.