MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (DC News Now) — In the eastern panhandle, everywhere you go, folks are talking about Tyson Badgent, their local hero who landed a spot this fall with the Chicago Bears.

Fed-Ex deliveryman Frank Simmons was watching the Chicago Bears on Sunday when Bagent, a quarterback, scored a touchdown.

“When I saw it on TV I was jumping up and down in my living room,” said Simmons.

On Wednesday, Simmons delivered a package to Bagent’s grandmother in Martinsburg.

Bagent scored the winning touchdown when veteran starting quarterback Justin Fields was injured – badly enough that he will be benched this coming Sunday.

Bagent played high school football in Martinsburg and during college at Shepherd University, a Division II school. The Bears invited him for a tryout this summer and he made the team as back-up quarterback.

“Thankfully my hard work paid off and it has been nothing but a dream come true,” said Bagent.

People call Bagent an inspiration.

“If they work hard and do what you’re supposed to, then you have an opportunity to do something special and I think he’s just an example of that, ” said his high school coach Dave Walker.

Bagent’s high school principal shared a similar sentiment.

“I’ve been a Bears fan for 30 years and now. The kid that was our quarterback could be the starting quarterback for the Bears, so it’s a treat not just for me, but it’s a treat for this whole community,” said Martinsburg High Principal Trent Sherman.

Or, as delivery driver Frank Simmons put it, “It’s huge. It’s huge for Martinsburg!”

The Bears host the Las Vegas Raiders this Sunday.