MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — The city of Martinsburg is making sure they oblige to rules and ensuring they are being environmentally friendly, but it’s coming in the form of a fee.

Residents in the city may soon have to pay a stormwater utility fee, but the city council says this is beneficial. They say this fee will allow them to address pollution carried by the runoff that is deposited into the local creeks and streams.

“The new fee is assessed using a unit called an ‘ERU’, which is the average impervious surface for a home in the city of Martinsburg. We’ll be billing out per half ERU so for every 1,440 square feet of impervious surface on your property, you’ll be assessed a fee of $6,” said Jared Tomlin, the stormwater program manager for the city of Martinsburg.

The stormwater utility fee will be implemented in January of next year. To find out how much you will have to pay, click here.