BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. (DC News Now) — Morgan County discovered 245 votes from the May primary it neglected to count — four months later.

During the weeks of early voting, two voting machines failed to tabulate all the votes cast. That can happen when a candidate who legally filed for office isn’t on the ballot.

“During early voting, our ballot had changed because there was a mistake on our ballot.  So, we believe that from the early days of early voting that that data wasn’t added to the new data,” said Sean Forney, president of the Morgan County Commission.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner said the system of checks and balances his office, with aide Brittany Westfall, has in place was able to detect the discrepancy and set the framework for correcting the ballot mistakes. The county commission’s Wednesday meeting worked to fix all early voting mistakes.

“In the review of Morgan County, she saw some discrepacies. The voter histories didn’t match up with the ballots cast,” said Warner.

“The ultimate goal is that we are able to find these votes that we need to find. They can then be totaled with the data that we ran on election night and then we will have true and accurate reflection of the voter history here in Morgan County for the primary,” said Forney.

A county commission race in the Republican primary and a house of delegates seat — which saw incumbent GOP lawmaker Ruth Rowan defeated by 40 votes — are on the line.

Mail-in ballots for registered voters in the military are scheduled to be mailed this coming Friday.

Morgan County, West Virginia has more than 12,000 registered voters. The county commission will meet at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday.