BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. (DC NEWS NOW) — Law enforcement was investigating a brawl at The Troubador Lounge in Berkeley Springs that happened on December 3.

Brothers Eugino and Virgilo Bora of Bethesda, Maryland were camping when they went to the bar, where they claim they were assaulted by a woman and several men. Police were called.

“Many people shared a Tik-Tok video,” says Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer. “I requested an independent investigation and it is being conducted.”

The matter may be under review by the West Virginia State Police.

Bohrer said that all three officers involved were wearing body cameras. He said that video from these cameras will reveal “the totality of the incident.”

Bohrer said he wants the investigation to be conducted expediently but says with the holidays it could take into the new calendar year. He pledged “full transparency.”    

The Bora brothers have retained legal counsel but have yet to file suit in Morgan County Circuit Court. They allege they were thrown to the ground while handcuffed and injured in the jaw, face and forehead.