Several explosions were reported Tuesday night around 7 pm in the Berkeley County area.  Berkeley County Sheriff Keller says emergency calls ranged from as far as the Hedgesville area to Maryland. 

However, he says that by the time his deputies got there, there was no evidence of people nor explosions

Residents in the area report hearing loud explosions that shake their homes several times over the span of a few months. 

One mother says the explosions frighten her children and her pets, but she also worries for other vulnerable populations. 
“It will be constant explosions back to back to back then you won’t hear it for a couple of weeks but this one, was the biggest one I’ve heard. What about the people who are war veterans? This is a big explosion that could throw them into a panic,” said Ciara White who has expressed concern for the explosions. 

“It needs to stop, it’s scaring our children and our animals and it’s very concerning to the community,” White said. 

Sheriff Keller did confirm that there is no immediate danger to the public.