JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — A new outdoor classroom at Page Jackson Elementary School has many kids excited.

“Nature is beautiful and I love all the animals out here,” said McKinley McCargo, a kindergartner at Page Jackson Elementary School.

The outdoor classroom has over 5 different learning spaces like the mud kitchen, the literacy center and the garden spot. Each space is teaching kids lessons using hands-on activities. Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Walter came up with the idea for the outdoor classroom.

“It’s ever-changing and evolving we might come out one day and build something and then animals have come along that night or the wind has come or like the seasons are changing,” said Jennifer Walter, a kindergarten teacher at Page Jackson Elementary School.

Walker says the classroom takes learning beyond the book and gives kids the chance to make connections to the real world.

“It not only covers academics that you don’t have to do with pencil and paper but it covers like social/emotional and it gets their energy out and their senses are heightened because we’re outside and there’s so many sensory things,” said Walter.

Walter says she plans to continue adding to the outdoor classroom in the future.