SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. (DC NEWS NOW) — There have been many industries that have been dealing with shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those is pharmacies.

“When I’m told to come back after waiting 20 minutes for a prescription for a sick child and when I get there it’s another 20 minutes, it’s not right. I’ve got a sick baby you know,” said Monnie Williams of Morgan County, West Virginia.

There has been a shortage of pharmacists and many chain drugstores are cutting back their hours.

“I used to go to a big chain pharmacy and the service there was just in steady decline. There were delays. You’d be waiting around 45 minutes. They say they’re going to fill your order and everything just takes longer,” said Dan Brown of Keedysville, Maryland.

With a shortage of pharmacists, many chains have opted to cut back their hours. Meanwhile, pharmacists in the neighborhood drug stores see the difference firsthand.

“I have only worked at a local pharmacy and it has been nothing but exciting. I love my job. A big part is the chain pharmacies are not giving their employees enough breaks,” said Cassie Hargis at Shepherdstown Pharmacy.

Pharmacist shortages are being felt at the big chains but not at the “Mom-and-Pop” drug stores.

“Just to be able to pick up the phone and talk to an actual person is nice,” said Hargis.

“The local mom-and-pop shops. Pharmacies that have been in business for decades have been a great alternative,” said Brown.

“I get that personable one-on-one. It feels like old times where you call your pharmacist and be like, ‘ya da ya da ya da,’ and she goes above and beyond to make sure she helps me with my needs,” said Monnie Williams., who is a young mom.

Many big chains have reduced their hours. Walmart used to keep its prescription counter open to nine but now closes it at seven.

The big chains are fighting back saying they will offer new hires more pay, bonuses and guaranteed lunch breaks.