JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — Planning for the new Ranson and Shepherdstown Elementary Schools is beginning and students are getting involved in the planning process in a unique way. Shepherdstown and Ranson Elementary School students talked with architects and designers to tell them some of the things they’d like to see at the new schools.

“(What) I like about this new school it like has like a lot of colors and stuff like that,” said 2nd-grade student Camber Young.

Students now have the chance to tell builders what they want to see in their new schools.

“I feel like it’s nice that some kids that have experience (at) this school can know what they want in their next school,” said 5th-grade student Brody Shepard.

Kids want to include everything from reading nooks to outdoor theater classroom spaces, to an astronomy section in the STEAM lab.

“I really like reading so I’m looking forward to the library,” said 4th-grade student Evelyn Groff.

“I want a slide entrance into the school,” said Giulia Humphreys, a 3rd-grade student.

Jefferson County Schools said having student input was an important part of the planning process.

“In order for the students to feel connection that relationship needs to be there with not only the building but the staff that’s going to be in the building and the students need to know that they’ve had input,” stated Nancy McManus, principal of Shepherdstown Elementary School.