CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. (WDVM) — Not everyone gets to have a warm Thanksgiving meal, but a partnership between Page Jackson Elementary School and Grafton Integrated Health Network is helping some families gather around the table this year.

Thirty-one meals will be distributed among families not only at Page Jackson Elementary but also at North Jefferson Elementary School.

The inspiration started when Page Jackson Principal Nicole Shaffer was approached by the behavioral health care organization which serves children, adolescents, and adults with complex behavioral health challenges.

“The school back in the 1800s was kind of the center of the community and we’re getting back to that again,” said Shaffer. “Our schools are becoming centers of communities and being able to provide more than just educational resources to parents.”

She says this the first partnership and it most likely won’t be the last.

“For them to want to participate in this with no incentive, just from the goodness of their heart, use their allowance to put in for donations to help and be a part of this is just great,” Chloe Sorensen, Behavioral Specialist at Grafton Integrated Health Network said.

“We are just so grateful that we’re able to provide Thanksgiving dinner because the holidays are special,” said Shaffer.