WINFIELD, WV (WOWK) – Friday morning, Putnam County Deputy Bethany Neff received a call about a dog along Highway 34 in Winfield.

“Somebody saw a dog being thrown from a window on the roadway,” she said.

Neff tracked the dog to the Asbestos Workers Local Union, where she found him in front of the building. She was able to lure in the dog with food.

“He was so precious, you can tell he had mud on his chest and everything but the plus side is so far I’ve been told that there’s no broken bones,” Neff said.

Neff stayed by the dog’s side until it was transferred to Putnam County Animal Shelter, where it can receive food and care.

“It hurts to see him but that’s why I stuck around for him,” she said. “I wanted him to know that there’s love out there and that he can be loved on no matter how cruel somebody was to him in his past.”

Neff received praise on Putnam County Sheriff’s Facebook page. In five hours, the post received nearly 500 likes and more than 100 comments.

“It hits close because I love my animals,” Neff said. “I love my dogs and no matter every time I’m out on the road, if I see a dog, I want to stop and try to get it.”

According to the Putnam County Animal Shelter, the dog cannot be adopted until the investigation is concluded.