GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Ah, “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia.

If you are from the Mountain State, you may have a different way of saying certain terms and pronunciations.

The following are six terms that you would definitely use if you are a true Mountaineer!


If you are from the Mountain State or spent any amount in it, you would absolutely know what it means. In case you non-West Virginians do not know, a “holler” is a remote road or area. There are a majority of people who live in hollers in the Mountain State.


There is no kissing in West Virginia, but there is smooching. According to, it is a little more playful and less romantic. The reason for this is because if you give someone a smooch, it can be from kissing your mother or a good friend. Everyone in the Mountain State loves a good smooch.


This term is used with phrases such as “pull up your britches” or “too big for your britches.” This is a common saying in West Virginia dialect.


No, we are not asking you to spell something. This term refers to an undetermined amount of time, explains An example of this term being used in a sentence could be as simple as being asked to “sit a spell,” which could mean you could be sitting for a little bit to a while.


This is a very interesting term. You normally think of poking someone when this term is used. In the good ole’ Mountain State it actually means a bag. You never know when you will need a poke to carry your stuff.


Are you okay? Do you have a pain in your neck? Well in this case, that’s not what a crick refers to. In Mountain talk it means a shallow stream or “creek” says Being from West Virginia, you probably have great memories splashing around in a crick, especially when you were a kid!