BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Rain can cause many issues on the road for drivers including slippery road conditions. In the past week, two fatal accidents occurred in our area due to hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs when there is too much water on the road and the tires can not disperse. Many drivers lose control of their car when this happens, usually leading to an accident. This is why having good tires is so important.

“So a couple of things, it is very important for any vehicle owner to pay attention to the tires. They are the only portion of the car that touches the ground so you have to have good tread,” Cottingham said.

Todd Cottingham is the store manager at Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers in Beckley. He said having good tread on your tires can help limit the chances of hydroplaning. He provided tips on what you should do if you DO find yourself hydroplaning.

“When you hit the pounding just let off the gas and don’t hit the brakes. It is very important. If you hit the brakes, it is going to cause you to lose control,” Cottingham continued.

Cottingham said you will know when you are starting to hydroplane because you will lose control of your car. He also said when that happens, take your foot off of the gas and turn your wheel the way you are sliding. Cottingham also showed the difference between a good tire and a bad tire.

“Here is the difference in these two tires. You got ten here and you got less than two here, that’s a big difference, so these kinds of tires here are going to cause problems for you on the road. This one is a newer one, you have plenty of treads,” Cottingham continued.

Cottingham recommends you get your tires checked out before you take a trip.