Since the beginning of the school year, students at Berkeley Springs High School were hard at work creating a concept to launch an 8 ft. weather balloon 19 miles up into the sky.

“It’s hands on. They’re actually doing something instead of reading about it,” said science teacher John Brode.

This week they were able to put that idea to work, and the giant bubble set sail. While in flight, students were able to track the balloon’s location, temperature, pressure, along with a few other special experiments.

“We are testing magnetic fields. We are testing batteries. We are seeing how a Twinkie expands — and a marshmallow,” stated Brode.

The balloon is expected to go as far as Hanover, Pennsylvania and just might take 2 hours to land. No matter where the wind blows, students are happy to see their work go all the way up.

“It’s just fun. It’s an experiment that we all get to take part in,” said Inanna Parsons, Berkeley Springs student.