Members of the Boys and Girls club of the Eastern Panhandle got a chance to see what it takes to decontaminate someone, in case of a chemical or biological disaster. 

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center Decon Team showed up to the Boys and Girls club today to give the kids a full demonstration, minus the soap and water. The plan was to use water, but an incoming storm forced the team to keep the event dry.

Before the kids arrived, the V.A.M.C. Decon Team had to set up tent, which takes about 20 minutes. Once the tent was set up, suits consisting of air filters, full head covers and multiple layers were put on, just as if a real incident was happening.

Once the kids showed up, they were briefed about what they were about to see, and were shown an example what what they were about to go through.

Kids that were given a blue bracelet were “contaminated” and were run through the tent, while others with no bracelet were considered “clean”.

Stacie Rohn, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle, said “the reason behind this mission was ensure that our kids understood, if we had some sort of natural disaster, how to be safe. And how our community comes in to help when we need help, and ensuring the safety of our kids.”