MARTINSBURG, W. Va. (WDVM) — EnCircle is a 133-year-old organization. Originally founded in 1888 as an orphanage, the non-profit continues to grow in an effort to work with a larger variety of communities in need. Recently, enCircle acquired Stonebrook, Inc., located in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

“Our mission is to make the world a more loving place,” said Ray Ratke, CEO of enCircle. “So we provide a variety of services and supports to individuals in need. Adults with disabilities or kids with special needs.”

EnCircle works with children and families in the foster care system, as well as individuals immigrating to the United States. The acquisition of Stonebrook, Inc. doubled the number of active group homes operated by enCircle, bringing the total from 7 to 14.

According to the CEO of enCircle, incorporating Stonebrook, Inc. into the organization felt like a logical next step to take to elevate the philanthropy. “What it means, I hope … is to take what Stonebrook has built and expand that. And where there’s a need, we’re going to go there,” said Ratke.

“Our two organizations, we knew, really had similar goals and philosophies around helping people with disabilities,” said Margaret Nimmo Holland, vice president of external relations. “And so we felt like this was a natural extension of the work that we’re already doing.”

There was a great deal of thought put into selecting Stonebrook, Inc. for enCircle’s expansion. Not only has enCircle’s CEO known Stonebrook, Inc’s former CEO for a number of years, but Stonebrook, Inc’s reputation in its community is one that the leaders of enCircle admire.

“Stonebrook has a really great name and reputation in terms of the services that it provides in Martinsburg,” said Holland. “So we want to maintain that identity. So that when people are looking for services for their loved ones or for their clients, they know who they’re talking to.”

The group homes operating in Martinsburg will continue to operate under the title “Stonebrook Community Services, LLC”.

Although enCircle was first founded in 1888, it began servicing adults with disabilities just a decade ago in 2011.